Hey Creatives. Today’s look highlights my version of the very overdue Mimi G for Simplicity 8222. I’ve been teasing these jeans on my insta story since January and finally got around to snapping pics this past weekend.

Back Story:

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know this pattern has been chilling in my sash for a few months. Making a pair of jeans has always been a great idea, but I always found an excuse to not take a stab. First, I wasn’t up for the challenge, then couldn’t find the right color denim, didn’t think it’d turn out right…then I decided to make the jeans.

About the Jeans:

This blog post starts a short series of denim. After making these jeans, I caught the denim bug and made myself a denim jacket (see the big reveal next week) and just purchased black denim to make another pair of jeans. 😛

I’m at the point where I might not even purchase jeans anymore. I cut a 12 curvy fit, but next time I’ll cut out 14 curvy fit to account for my booty and take in the side seam to get more of a Fashion Nova skinny jean feel.

Whatcha y’all think about the jeans? You like? Let me know below! Also, if you’d like real-time updates on things I’m working on, follow me on Instagram. I don’t always write a blog post on each make, but I usually post all my makes on the gram and/or ask from your suggestion on my InstaStories.

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