10 Sewing Essentials You Need to Know Before Cutting into Your First Sewing Pattern

10 Sewing Essentials you need before cutting into your first pattern iamkhiramomodu.com

Hey Everyone, we are so close to working on our first sewing project, but there’s a few things you need to know before getting started. This weeks video covers the needed sewing notions to complete any sewing project.

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10 Sewing Essentials:


Your sewing kits should encompass fabric shears (scissors for cutting fabric), small craft scissors to remove thread, and a regular pair to cut patterns. Keep your scissors safe, do not allow anyone including yourself to use your fabric shears for anything but fabric. It will dull out your scissors.

BONUS: You can also use a rotary cutter and a cutting map to cut out patterns and fabric much faster.

Double Bonus: I purchased each of my cutting supplies for under $20 with the help of coupons and Ibotta.

Pins and Pincushion

Invest in great pins! Pins are essential for every sewing project. Pins that come in sewing starter packs are traditionally not the pins you want to use. You want to be able to resist heat from the iron. Purchase glass head pins, not plastic, from your local fabric store. In my opinion, purchasing a pincushion is optional. If you have a small container to to store your pins, you’re good. Also most needle workers make there know pincushion or magnetic plate.

Measuring Tools

As mentioned in my previous youtube video, taking your body measurements is critical. To learn how to take your body measurements with measuring tape click HERE.

To me, a seam gauge is a an old school caliper. It’s a 6″ ruler that allows you to slide the a bar to a set measurement increment. Seamstresses mostly use this tool for hemming, but it’s useful for anything that needs a precise measurement.

Marking Tools

If you’re following along with my video tutorial above, you’ll notice I use transfer paper  and a tracing wheel to transfer markings from the pattern to the fabric. A marking pencil is another tool to use for marking fabric. All marking tools disappear after washing or over time.

Seam Ripper

Seam Rippers come as a default with a sewing machine. Consider it a magical easer, but for sewing. 😂

Pressing Tools

Your iron is an important tool in your sewing room. Pressing your makes is an important step in the garment making progress.

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