Who Is Khira Momodu?

Hello again, I’m Khira Momodu.

I’m sure you’re wondering how to pronounce my first and last name. It’s pronounced kheer-uh mum-o-do.

A twenty-two year-old recent college graduate in Industrial Engineering.

iamkhiramomodu.com is the online version for everything me. Here you will find a place of many things.

Here, creativity and exploration meet at an intersection; I will share my sewingcouponing, fashion, health & beauty, etc.

Off-line, I’m:



talking to my boyfriend.

an Alpha Women.

Instagram: @khirrrra Twitter: @khirrrra Pinterest: @khirrrra


What type of camera do you use?
15% of my pictures are taken on my iPhone 6s Plus and the others are taken with a Canon Rebel T5i, and Sony NEX-3.

When did you learn how to sew?

I’ve been sewing since the first episode of That’s So Raven. Corny? I know, but it’s true. I loved how Raven Baxter made her own clothes and I wanted to do the same.

Whats your go-to makeup look?
When it comes to foundations, I am currently a MAC and Makeup Forever gal. As for mascaras, I use whatever is close by, but usually Maybelline. 2017 is my makeup ‘glo up’ year, so this might change by the end of they year.

I love your hair. Who does it?

Thank you! I usually do my hair myself with the help of numerous youtube videos. I also am an avid wig wearer and order my wigs from samsbeauty.com.

Happy Reading.

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