Hi Everyone! I often get asked the same few questions so I decided to make a FAQ tab.


What/Who inspired you to start sewing?

Raven Baxter from That’s So Raven. She made her own clothes and I wanted to do the same.

What inspired you to get back into sewing?

A conversation with my cousin. I had a huge break between graduating college and starting my full time job and wanted to keep myself busy. My cousin pushed me to consider sewing again.

Sewing Machine & Notions: 

What machines to you use?

I use two sewing machines and one Serger (OpalLena, and Brother).

When are you starting  your youtube videos?

Soon. (written Aug 8, 2017)

I’ve began recording. (written Aug 14, 2017)

I want to learn how to sew:

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get started?

Start! First, I would recommend buying a “quality” sewing machine and signing up for a class. Purchase your machine from a local dealer or the Viking department at JoAnn Fabrics. That way they can provide 1-1 guidance on setting up your machine and  help trouble shoot issues whenever issues may arise.

You will soon learn that sewing is an expensive hobby! If you want a quality machine, you’ll need a drop a few bucks for that quality machine. I purchased both of my sewing machines second hand from the Viking department at JoAnn Fabric and my serger second hand from Amazon.

Also, sewing shops host sewing classes open to all machines. Thus, if you find a great deal on a machine go for it, then sign up for a class and begin your sewing journey.

I’m interested in getting start, What should I sew first?

YASS! I recommend starting with a skirt or a patten that says “Very Easy” or “Learn to Sew” like the Vogue 9253. Be sure to tag me on any social media platform when you finish your first make. I’d love to see it.
Best pattern to begin hacking?

If you’d like easy, Simplicity makes Pattern Hacking Patterns. I’d recommend purchasing any pattern, but make a simple change. Ex: Remove the sleeve of a shirt.

How did you make that [Insert Make Here]?

Most likely I made a YouTube video on the make or talked about it on the blog. The best way to view my makes is to visit my Facebook Like Page, I have an album filled with all my makes and links to the blog post/youtube video in the comments.

Fabric Shopping on a budget:

How do you score such good deals with patterns, fabrics, and other sewing notions?

Coupons, Coupons, & Coupons. If I don’t have a coupon 50% off or higher, you will not find me at JoAnn Fabrics. I also use Ibotta to save even more on my fabric, household items, and groceries. Here’s a PROMO Code to get you started: ojwhxl.


What’s the name of that song on your [Insert Social Media Platform Here]?

Nine times out of ten, I’m listening to AfroBeats. If you liked the song, you’ll most-likely enjoy my entire AfroBeat playlist found HERE.

I don’t sew. Will you sew something for me if I pay you?


Companies & Branding:

I’m a company interested in branding with you, are you interested?

I’d love too! Feel free to email me at her (at) iamkhiramomodu (dot) com.

Social Media:

Where can I follow you?

Instagram: @khirrrra

Twitter: @khirrrra

Pinterest: @khirrrra

Facebook: @khirrrra

Hope you found the FAQ very helpful. Let me know if you have any more questions.