GRWM: Pattern Shopping Edition

Let’s Go Pattern Shopping!

As we are building up to sewing tutorials on the Youtube channel, I decided to take you all pattern shopping with me. Although I can draft my own patterns, lately I’ve been using commercial sewing patterns to speed up the process. In addition, I will be using commercial patterns for upcoming DIY tutorials on my channel. I think using patterns will be the best way for y’all to easily follow along and make your own.

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Gaining Inspiration: As mentioned in the video, I use magazines, Pinterest, and Instagram to gain inspiration. Once I find a pattern I want to make, I search the pattern name on Instagram or to see what fabric other DIY-ers have used and their suggestions.

pattern measurements


Body Measurements:¬†Taking proper measurements is key before purchasing patterns and all¬†you need is a tape measure!¬†Ideally, you should measure yourself in your underwear. If that’s not possible consider the item of clothing your currently wearing and subtract a few eighths of an inch.

How to Accurately Measure your body:¬†Wrap the tape measure a bit snug, but not to tight around the fullest part of your bust/chest. As for the¬†waist, wrap the tape around the point at which you body bends inward. It’s the center of our hour glass shape. For the hip, measure the fullest part.

NOTE: For all measurements, you should be able to place only one finger behind the tape.

Pattern Shopping: I usually purchase my patterns at Joann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby. I have not yet purchased patterns from online and don’t think I’d ever consider Pdf patterns for sewing makes other than for undergarments. I’ve only purchased McCalls Company Patterns (this includes Vogue, Butterick, McCall’s) and Simplicity Patterns, there are many pattern companies out there that I have yet to explore. NOTE: I only purchase patterns when they are on sale. Sale prices range from $0.99-$4.99.

Choosing the Correct Pattern Size: Congrats! At this stage, you most likely have the pattern you want and are now trying to find your pattern size. Many patterns come in different size combinations. Use the sizing pattern on the back of the pattern to determine which size combination to buy. TIP: To be extra sure about your pattern size, refer to the Finished Garments Measurement, which is located on the back of the pattern.

Source: McCall’s Pattern Company

Fabrics and Notions:¬†The back of the pattern is your best friend. It’ll tell you the needed notions and fabric to complete the picture on the front of the pattern. For example, for this Vogue pattern, you may sew your dress with medium weight denim, jacquard, or lined blend. You should also pick up Nylon Fusible Knit Interfacing so the fabric can gain volume. Depending on your selected size, purchase the needed amount of yardage to complete the look. Also for notions, you’ll need seventeen 3/4″ buttons.

pattern shoppingSource:

Sales: I always shop with a coupon in hand per item in my cart. Then check out my Ibotta app to see it I can save more.

I hope you all enjoyed the video and blog. I had a lot of fun putting them together for y’all. As always, comment below any upcoming sewing plans or what you’d like to see from me. New Fri-DIY this week <3 Check out last weeks DIY HERE.

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