Nigerian Independence Day Outfit DIY Ft. My Sister

Happy Nigerian Independence Day to my fellow Naija boys and girls! 🇳🇬 57 years ago, we gained our independence from the United Kingdom and haven’t looked back.

I’m back quicker than usual with a DIY and this one features my older sister. 🙃 I posted a similar picture of Aisha and I on snapchat wearing our makes with our faces covered and asked you all to figure out who is who. If you guess incorrectly, haven’t checked out my first youtube video.

DIY Ankara Set


My sister recently caught the sewing bug while playing personal photographer for me, and since then, she’s willingly taken me to the fabric store in exchange for my old Viking Machine, Lena, and a few sewing lessons.

When deciding on an outfit, we wanted it to be African inspired (for the culture, of course 🙃) and Aisha’s look had to be beginner friendly, since this was her first make besides a pillow case.
DIY Ankara Set

Please disregard my poopy drawing skills. 🙈

DIY Ankara Set

Aisha’s Look:

Aisha’s look is very similar to my off-the shoulder crop top, but different. She used an off the shoulder McCall’s pattern similar to M7543 and added a large flounce ruffle at the top. The flounce sleeves were omitted since we were running low on fabric.

DIY Ankara Set

Khira’s Look:

It’s a great feeling to see something and say, “I can make that.” With that, my look was inspired by Fanmdjanm’s Ohema shirt  and recreated by upcycling  an old button down shirt from h&m. The upcycle was pretty straight forward, and alterations to the button down, were as followed:

  •  Added 2 12″ bell sleeves to the sleeve
  • Removed 7″ inches from the bust area and related it with the Ankara

I found replacing the bust section to Ankara print a bit of a challenge for a two reasons. First off, I was paranoid I wasn’t going to cut the section evenly and didn’t want to mess things up. Secondly, reattaching the sleeve to the new fabric. I think I might make a youtube video to walk you all step by step through the entire process since I want to make a matching set for Terrell and I.

What do you all think? I think we rocked it.

October is an exciting month for me. I moved to California last Thursday and start my big girl job tomorrow (10/02). A lot of fun things are coming to the blog as well. I can’t tell you yet, but be sure to come back to find out. 😜 Thanks for reading!

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