What are my future sewing plans?

Hello Everyone! Things have been moving in my temporary Sewing HQ and my blog posts are becoming less than consistent. Today’s post is something a little different and exciting! After a number of requests, I have published my first YouTube video. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’d know I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a channel and today I finally took the plunge.

Starting this channel will open up a lot more doors for us and will allow me to walk you all through the entire process of making a garment, instead of having you watching short clips on my Instagram Story.

I will be shifting a portion of my content over onto YouTube (ex: pattern hauls, how-to, sewing plans, etc.) and documenting all of my makes on Instagram and Facebook , be sure to stay connected.

Pattern Haul Background

I wanted to introduce myself to the land of YouTube with my favorite type of sewing video: Pattern Hauls. Through July and early August, I spent a lot of time binge watching pattern hauls and making frequent trips to Joann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby to purchase these patterns. I purchased 30+ patterns!

Anyways, press play & enjoy!

Patterns Mentioned in the Video:


 Butterick 5473  view A /Butterick 6332 view A /Butterick 6394 view C

Simplicity 1284 view C / Simplicity 8418view B

Vogue 9157 view B


Butterick 6420

McCall’s 7627 view B

Simplicity 8425 view A

Vogue 9160 (mod) / Vogue 9275 / Vogue P31 view C


Simplicity 8389 view D


Butterick 6453 mod view B

 McCall’s 6706 view A  / McCall’s 7574 view D / McCall’s 7392 view B

Simplicity 8394 view B

Vogue 9209 view B


McCall’s7046 / McCall’s 6886 / McCall’s 7387 / McCall’s 7574 view D


Simplicity 8334  view B (mod) / Simplicity 8414 view B / Simplicity 8375view 1

Video OOD:

Shirt: UpCycle DIY with Ankara Print (See previously make ankara garment HERE and HERE)

Hair: Mirco Twist Wig 😀

Lip: Notion by ColourPop

I hope you all enjoyed watching my first YouTube video.  You can subscribe to my channel here: Khira Momodu. I plan of publishing new content on a weekly basis. Most likely every Monday and a new blog post every Friday. Let me know what you think. If you have any video topics you’d like to see, I’m open to suggestions, so please do comment below!