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This blog post could easily be titled, “My 2017 Personal Development Strategies,” but I started this post in 2016 and i’m still running as I chase my dreams.

A few of my goals include:

1. Become more active on social media

2. Sew more often

3. Improve my cosmetology skills

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I got a head start on goal #1 and #2 by sewing over the winter break and getting back on the gram.

Today’s #OOTD features the super fun and cute button-font skirt I created on the first episode of Me, Myself, and My Machine featuring my girl Opal.

What do you think?

I’ve always wanted an corduroy skirt but knew I could make one.

Note: A button-front skirt can be created using many different types of material. Denim and corduroy are the most common. I used regular buttons and corduroy to create my skirt. Next time I make this type of skirt, I plan on using denim buttons.

Button-Front Skirt iamkhiramomodu.com

It’s a little hard to see, but I topstitched each seam for a clearer finish.

Button-Front Skirt iamkhiramomodu.com

Button-Front Skirt iamkhiramomodu.com

That’s it for the first episode of Me, Myself, and My Machine.

I hope you all enjoyed!

What would you like to see next?

 Happy Making!


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